Just Published My Book: Low-Mileage Running!

low-mileage running book cover

low-mileage running book

I just published my book Low-Mileage Running: A Short Guide to Running Faster, Injury Free! Over the past several years I have learned how to stay injury free and run faster, by focusing on quality, rather than quantity in my training. If you’ve struggled to stay injury free or are looking for a way to optimize your training, buy my book to find out how I been able to set personal records while running fewer miles.

In the coming weeks I will be publishing my book in print and audio as well.

I am excited to share the training strategies I’ve developed over the past few years and I look forward to hearing feedback from you.


6 thoughts on “Just Published My Book: Low-Mileage Running!”

    1. At this point it is available via amazon for kindle, iphone, ipad, and other devices. It will be available in print and audio within 2 weeks.

  1. Can’t wait to download and listen to while I’m running! Thanks Aaron! I love your podcasts! I have learned so much!

  2. Hi, I’m an italian 43 years old runner. Reading “Low mileage running” book I found an interesting “trail” for my training in the last three months: in march, at the end of the recovery from an injure of my right soleus muscle, I decided to try the “formula” of Aaron Olson obtaining good results, that means running the same 3’46”/Km on 10 Km I run before, but cutting the weakly mileage.

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