Minimum Effective Dose

“Who every records that exceptional runners like Walter George and Alf Shrubb achieved quite remarkable performances on very low mileage? George ran a mile in 4:10 and 10 miles in 49:49 on little more than 3km of training per day. Even Paavo Nurmi, the most medaled Olympic runner of all times, trained pathetically little but performed exceptionally, even by today’s standards.”

  • Tim Noakes (Lore of Running p.292)

If you want to stay injury free while getting faster, it is essential to find the minimum effective dose of training to get your desired results. If your goal is to run a sub 5 min mile, and you can achieve this by running 20 miles per week, why run more?

Running more miles than necessary will only increase your chance of injury and burnout.

Find the minimum amount of running necessary to achieve your goals.


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